About MilSec


MilSec is Milwaukee’s local CitySec group. MilSec is here to accomplish two things: Bring people in various Milwaukee area security communities together and help promote local security related groups and events.

Milwaukee has no shortage of security minded people, and no shortage of cool bars/pubs to hang out in. MilSec brings local talent together by holding a monthly meetup in a local pub or bar to just hangout. It also helps promote other area groups and events via the website and meetup.com.

Friends of MilSec

We try and promote the following Milwaukee area groups (let us know if you want to be added to the list):

The following Milwaukee area organizations have gone above and beyond to help promote MilSec:

More than friends

If you are interested in sponsoring any MilSec events (or helping us sponsor other local area events), please let us know

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to Boukou9 for letting us use some of his amazing photographs throughout the site.